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  • Just in case there is any doubt, check this page:

    There is nothing to indicate he’s teaching any course in network marketing, at least this term or for any current class listing, but it does say that it’s one of his research interests. And Paine is right about the institution.

    I know you don’t want to hear this, Ronald, but I’ve seen times where someone in an MLM will say something like, “Even this management textbook discusses MLMs, on pages 39 and 412.” What they don’t say is that the text book could well be saying how bad they are. In other words, the citation is mentioned, but the context of the citation is left out.

    Unless you can prove otherwise, I would find it more likely that Professor King teaches courses in MLMs to teach students about their problems than their benefits.

    In other words, if he does teach a course in it, that does not mean he is saying anything positive about it. If he researches it, it may be to investigate the many problems this business model creates.

    It’s the attempt at credibility that basically shows how uncredible the structure and model is.

    I back that up. Just because your upslime tells you that doesn’t mean it’s true. This is a good example. It’s the wrong university and the right university has little to validate what you say. Heck, they can’t even do a decent web page. I really wonder just what kind of facilities and backing they have.

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