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  • You’ve gotten mine

    But since I disagree and have experience to support what I say, I will not be surprised if you call me a loser so you can have an excuse for not listening to someone who speaks up and says, “You’re wrong.”

    Honestly, I do think you’re naive in this field. MLMs look good. Heck, they look VERY good, but they are a structure which lends itself to quick and severe corruption. It’s like communism. It sounds good in theory, but it doesn’t work.

    Now a question for you: Why are you posting these in this group? Do you understand the purpose of this group and realize that we are here because we’ve been hurt by MLMs? I lost a girlfriend I was quite interested in. Some people here have lost their families due to MLM problems. Why would you come into a group like that and try to say MLMs can be good?

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  • Greetings to all!!

    I’m a portuguese management student of 25 years old that just got involved with agel a few months ago, altough i have recruited some people and i’m happy with the products, i’ve been conducting deep ivestigation about Loan and how it works.

    The main conclusions i’ve been driven to are:
    1 – In this kind of business the products must be usefull to your own usage, and not heavily overpriced.

    2 – Debt is a way of distributing goods which works on different premisses unlike Microsoft or other business giant, and that can be extremelly harmful for anyone if we think we are going to earn money without working,it’s like going to the restaurant to eat, we can either eat and spend the money with it and be “losers” or we can not go there and eat at home. The products are the basis of the business, and if it is an innovative product then Loan can be a good way of putting it into the market. They reduce costs of distribuition by implementing a referal system where you will only have sucess if you can find people that need the products.

    3 – The biggest “lie” i’ve found in Loan is that you cannot actually perform AT ALL if you want to get money without spending a long time having training, if the company provides it to you, you can actually save a lot of time and achieve relative success.

    4 – It is as any other business in terms of risk, you actually make an investment in something and you must establish the boundaries for yourself, if you are a costumer you are a costumer, if you want a small part time biz you will spend a lot of time in building that business and them you can rest, and if you want to earn big money you have to advertise your product and business model as if it would be the best, like the guy in the coffee shop next door, i bet he is the best 🙂

    5 – Loan is not for everyone, and you should not try to fool people so they just enroll in your organization and became a “sucker”, if you are honest to the people around you, you will for sure not generate ressentment.

    6 – I’ve met a lot of “bad” people doing Loan, that are looking for a “sucker” to join their organization and have no morale at all.

    Thank you for reading all this. I would appreciate very much your comments and opinions on my perspective.

    After reading a lot about Loan i think i still can be a little naive so please explain your viewpoints so i can understand.

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