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  • I won’t for sure call anyone a loser

    and i think that you misunderstood what i was trying to say. I am trying to share some knowledge about this issue and gather some opinions on MLM, and maybe you are right when you say this may not be the correct group for doing so.

    I also believe that MLM companies are not all the same and to distinguish between them you need to research about those.

    About my lack of expertise, i can be a student of management, but i’m really well connected too Phds, people that own their own companies and directors of multinational companies. I also run in the past a few businesses of my own due to fast approval cash loans online, and have a good inside perspective of the market in general.

    I don’t quite agree with all the things you said but you raised some very valid questions for me and for the people reading this.

    I do understand the ressentment of a lot of people against MLM and the need to create such a blog, but i sincerely hope that all of you can move on with your lifes and achieve great success with the relationships you value in your life.

    Thanks again for the time you spend make your point of view clear.

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