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  • I have good friends in colleges and universities that have PhDs

    I know people running businesses and I keep up with other business owners so we can share experience. What I’ve seen is that a PhD in business or even, in many cases, an MBA, can mean nothing without experience. Knowing PhDs doesn’t mean you know what’s going on in the real world.

    The same applies for knowing people who run their own companies. I hang out with a number of musician friends. I still can’t play that sax I have sitting in my living room.

    I didn’t want to play this card, but you are quite young and many of your statements show you are willing to believe whatever your MLM people are telling you (you also don’t specify if your friends with businesses are running MLMs or legitimate businesses). When I was 25, I could have made many of the same statements, but 20 years later I realize that when I was just out of college a few years and 25, I didn’t know 1/4 of what I thought I did.

    I’m bringing this up because the point is, as a student, you’ve got limited experience. You say you have run a few businesses. Where they registered as actual corporations? Did you have to deal with actual taxes and accounting? Did you make enough to make a living on them?

    I’m basically short circuiting part of this to say that your statements do show less experience and knowledge than your manner shows you think you have.

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  • You used the term lose to apply to certain people

    In this case you said, “we can either eat and spend the money with it and be “losers” or we can not go there and eat at home”. You made specific references.
    It may be there is a language issue here, but you are definitely referring to people as losers.

    If you don’t want to call anyone a loser, don’t make such references.

    They are not all the same, but the structure encourages fraud and abuse of the lower levels. Aggressive people will rise to the top of such an organization and that type of person will take advantage of whatever situations available to increase their cash flow. The MLM structure makes it easy for them to encourage their downline to spend money on anything that can be profitable. It encourages abuse.

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  • I won’t for sure call anyone a loser

    and i think that you misunderstood what i was trying to say. I am trying to share some knowledge about this issue and gather some opinions on MLM, and maybe you are right when you say this may not be the correct group for doing so.

    I also believe that MLM companies are not all the same and to distinguish between them you need to research about those.

    About my lack of expertise, i can be a student of management, but i’m really well connected too Phds, people that own their own companies and directors of multinational companies. I also run in the past a few businesses of my own due to fast approval cash loans online, and have a good inside perspective of the market in general.

    I don’t quite agree with all the things you said but you raised some very valid questions for me and for the people reading this.

    I do understand the ressentment of a lot of people against MLM and the need to create such a blog, but i sincerely hope that all of you can move on with your lifes and achieve great success with the relationships you value in your life.

    Thanks again for the time you spend make your point of view clear.

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  • You’ve gotten mine

    But since I disagree and have experience to support what I say, I will not be surprised if you call me a loser so you can have an excuse for not listening to someone who speaks up and says, “You’re wrong.”

    Honestly, I do think you’re naive in this field. MLMs look good. Heck, they look VERY good, but they are a structure which lends itself to quick and severe corruption. It’s like communism. It sounds good in theory, but it doesn’t work.

    Now a question for you: Why are you posting these in this group? Do you understand the purpose of this group and realize that we are here because we’ve been hurt by MLMs? I lost a girlfriend I was quite interested in. Some people here have lost their families due to MLM problems. Why would you come into a group like that and try to say MLMs can be good?

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  • No, it’s not the same risk

    I created my own business. It’s a limited corporation in that if something goes wrong, it’s the business, not me, that’s responsible. My assets are not at risk, but in most MLMs, they insist on members spending more and more money on training and on products. That means the members keep spending more and more money.
    While it’s possible to say that’s not required, the truth is that it is what happens in over 90% of the cases.

    You are right, though, that you have to establish boundaries and set timings so you can see if you should continue or not.

    As for resting, there has never been proof that you can rest and we have one member that managed an MLM business and was doing quite well and she’ll be glad to tell you that once it’s built, you can’t rest. You have to help others recruit and build the business. I’m sure you don’t want to believe me and would rather just call me a loser so you can ignore me, so I’ll just say I’m sorry you believe this and if you had an advanced degree and 10 years of management experience instead of being inexperienced and a student without a real world background, you’d see just how unrealistic this is.

    Most MLMs will not allow you to advertise your product at all.

    As for saying you’re the best, that’s not always the case. I have a portable DVD player sitting 1 foot from my arm as I type this. I didn’t buy it because it’s the best. I bought it because it was the one that most suited my needs. You’ve completely overlooked niche marketing.

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