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  • I spent the weekend

    compiling a list of lists and spreadsheets I need to create then working on creating them. This warm weather has brought home sharply that we need to move the geese and ducks out of the garden soon and I need to look seriously at doing the germination testing of the seeds on hand and get my “need to purchase” seeds ordered. This along with repairs needing done, cheap getaways needing planned, business work and planning schedules made me realize I needed to organize my thoughts on paper (computer) and as with everything around here I needed a list.
    Speaking of lists, since my Ipod is a hand-me-down one the battery tends to go dead quickly, so I’ve been using my android phone more and more for my portable electronic source of lists and such. This meant I was not using my ishopare price comparison program on my ipod near as often. It seemed like anytime I wanted to use it the stupid thing was dead. I mentioned this to dh and that I would really like an ap that is all inclusive for comparing costs, grocery lists, menu planning etc. for my phone since it is always with me and charged. Sunday he showed me two different aps he had narrowed my request down to: Out of Milk and Grocery Tracker. Of the two I chose Grocery Tracker. It looks like it is going to be my best option for tracking prices and such.
    I’ll be writing a blog post soon about the ins and outs of the ap as I set it up for our personal use. I particularly like the fact it has a pantry inventory on it and you can actually scan the barcodes as you are doing the inventory and it will do all the entry for you.
    Dh says he does feel like he got suckered a little bit on finding this free ap for me though. You see I’ve been wanting pantry shelf organizers for a long time. The style I particularly like (at this time can be seen at: dh says they’d be easy to build if he could get to his table saw—don’t get me started on the condition of the garage right now. So when he came up with the ap I said “well it looks like it does everything I need except build my can racks.” The look I got…LOL!I pointed out to him that the pantry is currently hazardous to my health and well being (I have bruises on my feet right now from where several cans fell out of the pantry on my feet one day this last week) and that since I would be wanting to inventory to use this Ap (remember he is an electronics/program/aps nerd/junkie that wants everything used to the max) it would be the PERFECT time to set up such organizers and we did after all have that $60 Lowes gift card from the payout on the non-seedless/seedless grape problem… He nodded I was right so now will he build them? He did tell me to decide how many of what sizes I needed. Our 40th wedding anniversary is coming up before long and it would be a great gift for me. LOL! We’ll see.
    He and ds are both really getting into this culling out and organizing thing, so I just might get them this go around. He also announced this weekend that we needed a “better way” of dealing with the tools because they spent a long time looking for a misplaced set of drill bits—still haven’t found them, because they don’t have a designated set in stone storage area. I’ll look for them later today once I get back from town.

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  • I accepted one merchandising job last week to do today

    It’s only 3 miles from my home and I need to go to that little town anyway to mail some packages, so basically I’ll have almost no gas involved and it will be enough to cover the postage. It is also close enough I will not be tempted to grab a bite to eat, which has been my downfall of late on doing mystery shopping and merchandising.
    I spent part of this last week getting geared up for our annual tax hassle. One of the things dh and I discussed is the fact that my “job” is considered self-employment. With OK charging a self-employment surcharge each year and the return of the higher social security tax rate, meaning I’d be required to pay double as self employed, we decided that our decision to cut back or eliminate mystery shopping entirely is a wise one. While I might not be a multi-millionaire that is bailing out of a state or country because of taxes the hikes have definitely made us rethink a lot of what we are doing or plan to do.At this point we are still going to go heavily forward on Webfoot Tub Designs, but if we find that it is not cost effective to do so in the future it too will fall to the wayside. At this point we are going to give it a few years to turn a profit, but if taxes and such keep on that time frame might get cut way down.

    We made little progress on the office this weekend because the guys both worked most of the weekend and what time they were home was spent working on an easel to support ds’ drafting/art board and updating programs on the various computers.

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