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  • I so should have taken before pics

    (we never remember to!) but right now we’re moving the playroom stuff to another room and trying to figure out how to make the best use of the space we have.
    We have 3 bigger boys who use to share a room…our middle kiddo has PTSD pretty bad and needs his own space for the safety of the other 2. So we moved our 9 yr old and 6 yr old to the playroom, which was renovated last year into a legal bedroom. So we are moving the playroom stuff into an unused room. My office/sewing stuff is still in the new bedroom and will stay…also, we have a small t.v./game systems/movies in there but its used maybe 2x a year!
    Fitting 7 children and 2 adults into a 4 bedroom house and all our stuff takes creativity! I will work on it this week, take pics of where I am at with it now, the progress and the results. I will be purging and all that fun stuff as I go!
    Pray that my children will willingly thin their herd of toys and that I can get this done quickly! Tomorrow is my China blessings birthday! His party is this weekend and we’re pairing it with our homegrown daughter who is turning 3 next month…

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  • I don’t do mine this way

    but I do tend to “round up” individual categories plus I have a savings account/sinking fund that I use for
    extra expenses. But when I first started doing a budget many years ago, and was making about $500/mo, I used to put an extra $50 line
    item into my budget for “other”. There always was something. New glasses or a vet bill or whatever.

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