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  • It times like these

    when I look around and get the itch to charge charge charge… you know, everything in the house looks shabby, you need a vacation cause the weather is so bad, a new wardrobe to perk yourself up… LOL… good thing we don’t have any credit cards!!!! DH was saying that this morning, if it weren’t for the extras we would ahve a bunch of extra money this month LOL
    Thanks for the cheering!

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  • But….you covered the dental

    the new tires and the college expenses all with cash, and, you’ve prepared by having food storage on hand, and, there is still some funds in the EF. It’s not a lot, but you still have funds in you EF. I’d say you’re still doing extremely well, Lea. Cut yourself some slack! You could have said “what the heck” and charged everything, right? I’d say you’re doing all you can, and so far, so good. You just need to get that extra $350. You’ll do it.

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  • This has NOT been our month…

    mouth and added college expense = 1250
    We managed to scrounge and scrimp to make the extra ( did I mention the car needed new tires to pass inspection), and we paid all the bills except the land payment for the extra land ( 325.00)….
    so… we thought, no problem… we can make it up this weekend … uh no… the mall is closed down where our shoppe is because the parking lot is a sheet of ice… sooo…. hopefully we can make up the money tomorrow, tues & wed…. 200.00 left in the EF.. and we can eat off food storage….
    grrr….. not feeling very upbeat at the moment as I sit here looking at the ice… guess I need a couple Pollyanna pills

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