here in OK we are having record high temperatures this week. It is currently 8:20 am and 65 degrees, the expected high is to be in the 70-80 degree range today. This makes me very NERVOUS about the possibility of tornadoes.
Last week saw me being “real friendly” with the budget AGAIN, still tweaking the budget flip flop and trying to streamline it a bit. One of the things I’ve done is instead of trying to have a set sinking fund for every single little thing I calculated how much could be comfortably put back into a general sinking fund account. It’s basically the same amount going in each month as when we kept them separate, but instead of spending a lot of bookkeeping time designating that it is for this sinking fund or that it is now just a general fund that I will put a cap on for total to be in there. I’m still working on deciding how high that cap should be because as we all know more than one sinking fund might need to be tapped in a single month. Once that cap is reached I plan on replenishing that fund with any monies that are available asap when some of the money is used just like I do the emergency fund. I may change my mind about doing it this way in the future, but for right now it’s a way to streamline the bookkeeping system and make it easier for dh and ds to handle should I be unavailable.On the subject of replenishing the bef, we should be able to do that part of the “pay back” this next pay day because dh worked 17.5 overtime hours over the weekend and may be working more this week. How they will handle this and which check it will be on for certain is still up in the air. If it’s like other employers have been it should all work out just fine. Because the number of hours on each paycheck can fluctuate wildly I have started a spreadsheet to keep track of what paychecks of various hours are to help me budget more efficiently in the future.