It’s only 3 miles from my home and I need to go to that little town anyway to mail some packages, so basically I’ll have almost no gas involved and it will be enough to cover the postage. It is also close enough I will not be tempted to grab a bite to eat, which has been my downfall of late on doing mystery shopping and merchandising.
I spent part of this last week getting geared up for our annual tax hassle. One of the things dh and I discussed is the fact that my “job” is considered self-employment. With OK charging a self-employment surcharge each year and the return of the higher social security tax rate, meaning I’d be required to pay double as self employed, we decided that our decision to cut back or eliminate mystery shopping entirely is a wise one. While I might not be a multi-millionaire that is bailing out of a state or country because of taxes the hikes have definitely made us rethink a lot of what we are doing or plan to do.At this point we are still going to go heavily forward on Webfoot Tub Designs, but if we find that it is not cost effective to do so in the future it too will fall to the wayside. At this point we are going to give it a few years to turn a profit, but if taxes and such keep on that time frame might get cut way down.

We made little progress on the office this weekend because the guys both worked most of the weekend and what time they were home was spent working on an easel to support ds’ drafting/art board and updating programs on the various computers.