As many already on the list know the first thing


I generally say is “Breathe”. And that is what you need to do, slow down take a deep breath and know that no matter how bad it seems things will improve. You have taken the first major step. You acknowledged the fact that financially your life is out of control. Now you can fix it. No one here will promise you it will be easy, nor will we tell you that there won’t be set backs (aka: Murphy Moments), but we will tell you that there will be wonderful Millie Moments when you least expect it. A Millie Moment is a sudden good fortune, even if it’s only finding a really large coupon for something you truly need and are flat broke, or huge Millie Moments like a big bonus, pay raise or other windfall. When these Millie Moments hit you will be surprised to find how much differently you will look at that money in the future than how you did in the past.
You’ve already received some wonderful advise from some folks. I’ll second all that has been said, but being the chatterbox I am I’ll explain them a bit more.
Sharon mentioned weaning things out of your life. We each have “extras” in our budget that could truthfully go. I know when I first join the list nearly four years ago I was certain I could not cut anything out. The next month my dh and ds both lost their jobs on the same day and were unemployed for 18 months and I found we could REALLY cut the budget. Not only did we cut, but we even paid off some tiny bills while unemployed. Thankfully both men eventually got jobs again, at 25% less than they had previously been making, but they now work together again at a great company.Sara pointed out things like cutting your cable/satellite package, your cell phone plan, ending landlines etc. The best way we could all help both newbies in getting your personal finances under control is for you to list your complete income and outgo on here for us to help you look for places you could cut and soon be debt free. We don’t need exact company names or anything like that if you don’t want to do that, it’s understandable, discussing finances is rough for some people. Me I’m pretty blunt about it all, but then that’s me. List minimum monthly due, balance and if you are in arrears—don’t bother with interest rates because we do not look at those here at all.—except to try and help you get them lowered.If you don’t want to list the names of your bills then put cc (credit card) #1, #2 etc, if it’s in collections then mark that it is — By the way, many of us have seen the ugliest side of collections so you will be in good company. We can help you handle those bottom feeders and give the power back to you. Not them—they have NO POWER, do not let them bluff you. If they call and get nasty, hang up on them, you do not have to take it.

Glad to have you here


The first thing you need to do is catch up on all of your other household bills, like electricity, gas, water, – utilities. Once you get those bills current then you can begin to work in earnest on the Dave Ramsey Plan.To get caught up with the bills, sell those items which you no longer need or can afford such as cable/satellite TV, extra cell phones, a land line if everyone is dependent upon cell phones etc. Look seriously at the grocery budget, and what you’re buying in the grocery store. Start cooking more from scratch than the more expensive pre-fabricated mixes/kits etc. Learn to shop on the perimeter of the grocery store (fresh items, produce, meat, dairy) fresh frozen etc.We’ll ask you about specific budget items later, your first priority now that you’ve caught up your rent, is to get your household bills current.

What you need to do


What you need to do is figure out what you make and your monthly expenses. Once you have it WRITTEN down, you can act on it. Make sure your ‘4 walls’ are taken care of – housing, food, utilities, transportation. Those are things that MUST be paid. Everything else
after that is negotiable. Do you have enough money to pay your current bills? If so, anything left over goes towards debt. List
your debts lowest to highest. Make the minimum payments on all the debts except the smallest. Throw everything you can at that one.
When that one is paid, take what you were paying them, and any other money you can squeeze out of your budget and pay on the next one.

I want to introduce myself


and ask for some assistance in where to get started. My friends call me Kat.. I am a Mom of 6 and work full time. My husband is currently not employed and has some gambling issues. All of our children live with us and one daughter is now expecting. 2 of the kids do contribute to the household. Our finances are a mess, some weeks we don’t have enough for food. Every single bill is behind. So far I have been robbing Peter to pay Paul. What I am most confused about is that I make a decent salary and bad choices I guess. Currently we are paying 2400 in rent monthly (current and past) because we were 5 months behind and I had to make an arrangement for us to stay in the house. Essentially we are living on 1400 a month. Our payment plan is done now and we will only have to pay the current. Because that 800 a month will be now available, I want to make sure I am making the right decisions. My fear is the other bills have suffered because we were focused on the rent. Any suggestions? I was not sure what other information to put out there.

Just in case there is any doubt, check this page:


There is nothing to indicate he’s teaching any course in network marketing, at least this term or for any current class listing, but it does say that it’s one of his research interests. And Paine is right about the institution.

I know you don’t want to hear this, Ronald, but I’ve seen times where someone in an MLM will say something like, “Even this management textbook discusses MLMs, on pages 39 and 412.” What they don’t say is that the text book could well be saying how bad they are. In other words, the citation is mentioned, but the context of the citation is left out.

Unless you can prove otherwise, I would find it more likely that Professor King teaches courses in MLMs to teach students about their problems than their benefits.

In other words, if he does teach a course in it, that does not mean he is saying anything positive about it. If he researches it, it may be to investigate the many problems this business model creates.

It’s the attempt at credibility that basically shows how uncredible the structure and model is.

I back that up. Just because your upslime tells you that doesn’t mean it’s true. This is a good example. It’s the wrong university and the right university has little to validate what you say. Heck, they can’t even do a decent web page. I really wonder just what kind of facilities and backing they have.



Is that the best you can do for credibility??

Professor King teaches at a school that was FOUNDED in 1999. It has no track record of success. 90% of all its students live within 45 miles of Chicago. Oh, and it’s not the University of Chicago. It’s the University of Illinois at Chicago – a considerably different entity. You really need to get your facts in order.

It is the only school anywhere in the U.S. to even offer MLM/Network Marketing as a course. And somehow, that’s supposed to impress us???


You would think that any college professor worth his salt could convince at least one other professor at one other school of the validity of his pro-MLM perspective. Apparently, Mr. King cannot.

Oh, and BTW, I edited out your MLM link. They are not permitted here unless someone requests them. I allowed your message to be posted so that others might see what MLMers pass off as evidence of credibility.

I don’t know where you’re getting your information (well, I do, really), but you need to be a little more diligent about what you’re being told, especially if you’re thinking of passing it along to others.

Ok. Since you asked – here goes..


1. MLM is fatally flawed as a business model for distributors – It is DEGIGNED to make 99% distributors fail – why ? because of pt #1 in your post – about products being good for “own use”. Since you are a management student, I am sure you can figure that one out.

2. Your assertion that people who eat at restaurants are somehow “losers” is very MLM conditioned – I have heard similar things from other bots – why watch TV when you can recruit, or even play golf when you can recruit ? I suppose winners only eat at restaurants when they can recruit everybody at the restaurant. So I would suggest that you drop this nonsensical crap – because lots of people eat at restaurants because they LIKE to….

3. Your assertions about MLMs reducing distribution costs are patently false – if you compare prices of comparable products of any MLM to prices at Walmart or online retailers like – you will see MLM products are outrageously overpriced – The only way you can sell at those prices is to a captive market – that is – to distributors – even that by hyping MLM products by making mostly baseless claims about their superiority.

4. The BIGGEST LIE in MLM is actually that you are guaranteed to succeed if you work hard.

5. MLM is not like any other business – so stop making that absurd comparision – and buying products for personal use does not constitute an “investment”.

And finally, here’s something for you to ponder. ABSOLUTELY nothing you have said here is new. There are no revelations here – ask yourself how many 1000s of people -on this forum or elsewhere have made the same analysis as you and failed – and ask yourself why that may be ? Maybe you will learn something.

I didn’t expect you to


I make it a point to speak the truth and I’ve found people in MLMs don’t want to hear the truth. They believe what they want to hear and nothing else, no matter whether it is provable fact or not.

That is one major part where you are showing that you just don’t have the experience or background to know what you’re talking about. If you want to understand, then do more research. Read the stores at the sites that are not pro-mlm. If you were really interested in dialog and learning, then you would have looked at BOTH sides of the issue, not just the people that say it’s good. How can you know that anything you think is true is true unless you’ve examined BOTH sides of the issue well THEN, and ONLY THEN, made up your mind?

I have good friends in colleges and universities that have PhDs


I know people running businesses and I keep up with other business owners so we can share experience. What I’ve seen is that a PhD in business or even, in many cases, an MBA, can mean nothing without experience. Knowing PhDs doesn’t mean you know what’s going on in the real world.

The same applies for knowing people who run their own companies. I hang out with a number of musician friends. I still can’t play that sax I have sitting in my living room.

I didn’t want to play this card, but you are quite young and many of your statements show you are willing to believe whatever your MLM people are telling you (you also don’t specify if your friends with businesses are running MLMs or legitimate businesses). When I was 25, I could have made many of the same statements, but 20 years later I realize that when I was just out of college a few years and 25, I didn’t know 1/4 of what I thought I did.

I’m bringing this up because the point is, as a student, you’ve got limited experience. You say you have run a few businesses. Where they registered as actual corporations? Did you have to deal with actual taxes and accounting? Did you make enough to make a living on them?

I’m basically short circuiting part of this to say that your statements do show less experience and knowledge than your manner shows you think you have.

You used the term lose to apply to certain people


In this case you said, “we can either eat and spend the money with it and be “losers” or we can not go there and eat at home”. You made specific references.
It may be there is a language issue here, but you are definitely referring to people as losers.

If you don’t want to call anyone a loser, don’t make such references.

They are not all the same, but the structure encourages fraud and abuse of the lower levels. Aggressive people will rise to the top of such an organization and that type of person will take advantage of whatever situations available to increase their cash flow. The MLM structure makes it easy for them to encourage their downline to spend money on anything that can be profitable. It encourages abuse.

I won’t for sure call anyone a loser


and i think that you misunderstood what i was trying to say. I am trying to share some knowledge about this issue and gather some opinions on MLM, and maybe you are right when you say this may not be the correct group for doing so.

I also believe that MLM companies are not all the same and to distinguish between them you need to research about those.

About my lack of expertise, i can be a student of management, but i’m really well connected too Phds, people that own their own companies and directors of multinational companies. I also run in the past a few businesses of my own due to fast approval cash loans online, and have a good inside perspective of the market in general.

I don’t quite agree with all the things you said but you raised some very valid questions for me and for the people reading this.

I do understand the ressentment of a lot of people against MLM and the need to create such a blog, but i sincerely hope that all of you can move on with your lifes and achieve great success with the relationships you value in your life.

Thanks again for the time you spend make your point of view clear.

You’ve gotten mine


But since I disagree and have experience to support what I say, I will not be surprised if you call me a loser so you can have an excuse for not listening to someone who speaks up and says, “You’re wrong.”

Honestly, I do think you’re naive in this field. MLMs look good. Heck, they look VERY good, but they are a structure which lends itself to quick and severe corruption. It’s like communism. It sounds good in theory, but it doesn’t work.

Now a question for you: Why are you posting these in this group? Do you understand the purpose of this group and realize that we are here because we’ve been hurt by MLMs? I lost a girlfriend I was quite interested in. Some people here have lost their families due to MLM problems. Why would you come into a group like that and try to say MLMs can be good?